OC Ghosts and Legends Walking Tours

This thrilling tour includes many things... And you will never really know what to expect. Join OC Ghosts and Legends for a ghost walking tour of the oldest occupied neighborhood in California.

Los Rios Street in San Juan Capistrano is said to be one of the most haunted places in the world. Some possible findings include reports of people hearing objects moving inside the historical homes, knocks on the door and disembodied voices inside the 1790's Montanez Adobe, seeing shadowy figures darting throughout various properties and random bursts of the smell of tobacco when nobody is around. Residents of Los Rios street have dubbed a potential spirit as "Tobacco Tom" as the source of this occurrence.  Reports of full bodied apparitions along the historic Los Rios District have also been reported.

Several strange anomalies have been captured on the OC Ghosts and Legends digital voice recorders. These are called EVP’s or Electronic Voice Phenomena. This is when tour guides ask questions and hope to receive a response. Later on, the staff listens to those recordings to hear if they have captured anything. Often guest photos taken during a tour reveal strange anomalies they have captured at various sites. What will you encounter during your tour? Book your adventure to find out! San Juan Capistrano and Los Rios Street is a MUST to check off of your haunted locations list. Check out the calendar and book your San Juan Capistrano ghost tour experience.

Different tours take place in San Juan Capistrano, Star of India and Berkeley, Bracken Fern Manor and Grand Canyon Caverns. No matter what tour you choose, be ready to expect the unexpected.

For additional information, call (949) 667-1957 or visit www.ocghostsandlegends.com.

About Orange County Ghosts and Legends Para Team

Orange County Ghosts and Legends is an organization dedicated to and specializing in anomalous and paranormal research. Our team of professionals investigate privately owned businesses, historical landmarks and private residences.

OC Ghosts and Legends leader and operator Cris August envisioned an organization that would also allow for the public to further explore their own curiosities with the paranormal, by offering public ghost tours and events- conducted by our own field investigators. Like most paranormal enthusiasts, we love to investigate notorious locations that we have all heard about- however, finding those 'hidden gems' and locations that have yet to be researched and explored is what we thrive upon!

We are committed to helping those dealing with paranormal occurrences and helping those that seek answers get the assistance they need. Integrity in research and evidence is what sets us apart from other teams.  We always maintain the highest standards in conduct and collecting evidence while furthering the field of paranormal research. We welcome you to experience these haunted locations with us by participating in one of our many Ghost Tours and Events.